The Duties of a Community Association Manager in Troy, Ohio

The Duties of a Community Association Manager in Troy, Ohio

There are more than 3,940,656 people working in real estate currently including community association managers. Before you decide if this is the job for you, it's essential to understand what duties you're taking on.

Not only is it your job to oversee the community but also to aid in its preservation. Read on now and get ready to manage the properties the right way.

Inspect Property Grounds

One of the community association manager duties you're tasked with is taking time to inspect the landscaping. And the grounds surrounding each of the properties you oversee. You want to ensure that the property grounds are kept in good shape because it's the first impression potential tenants will get when they visit the property.

If you don't upkeep the exterior of the home, it will make tenants wonder if you do what it takes to keep the interior in working order. You could end up costing yourself potential tenants before they have a chance to tour the property.

Another reason to inspect the landscaping and grounds when you're property management is to ensure that any problems you might notice get taken care of promptly. Routine maintenance is your job at all times for all properties.

This can help to increase the value of your property. This means in the future you can increase the rent you charge your tenants.

Ensure Trash Collection Takes Place

More communities are offering trash collection as an amenity that tenants can partake in if they choose. The way it works is tenants will need to place their trash outside of their front door before a certain time.

From there, someone that is tasked with collecting the trash will begin to pick it up. It is your community association manager job to have a system in place where tenants can contact you if their trash isn't picked up.

Not only should you manage this service, but you should also manage services for other things. Things like ongoing landscaping, snow removal, and other property necessities that tenants may need.

Keep People Within Compliance

Another duty of yours is to ensure that all owners of property within the community remain within association compliances. This means they are upholding the rules of the association as well as any regulations that have also been imposed.

If you find that anyone is not upholding, it's your job as a community association manager to issue warnings and fines if applicable. During the warning portion of your citation, you should ensure you suggest ways to remedy the problem and provide tenants with a specified time frame to make the changes.

If not, they should understand there is further action on your part that will need to be taken because they failed to comply. Understanding the tenant laws in your state will ensure you understand what remaining within compliance looks like.

Community Association Managers: What Do You Do?

The job of community association managers is never finished. There are several duties you take on. Community association manager duties like ensuring property owners remain within compliance or that the grounds are upkept.

And issuing warnings when they don't. Schedule a consultation with PMI Oakridge Property Management for more help today.