Trends Shaping the Design of Luxury Homes in Troy, Ohio

Trends Shaping the Design of Luxury Homes in Troy, Ohio

New home trends are always emerging, and luxury homes are often at the forefront. High-end properties often have the ability to try new architectural and design styles that haven't yet been adopted by the public.

These homes are also places where interior designers often try new ideas with home design. Luxury homes often have a mark of opulence and sophistication that puts them on the cutting edge.

So, what luxury home trends and design features are gaining popularity now? Here is a guide to the trends shaping the future of interior design.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Nature is often seen as relaxing, so it's no wonder that people want to bring that calm energy into their homes. Designers are embracing biophilic designs that are meant to connect our living spaces with nature.

This can be as simple as creating an indoor or outdoor garden or using natural materials in the home. Using large windows to bring in sunlight not only helps a home appreciate in value but also adds a connection to nature.

Sustainable Living

More and more homeowners are considering their footprint and wanting to do what's best for the environment. This has led to a rise in sustainable living, designing, and building techniques.

Sustainable practices can be involved in sourcing materials to build and design a home, or be luxurious features, such as an electric vehicle charger. If you're planning on investing in property, sustainable features add value.

Integrated Technology

Technology is becoming more a part of everyday life. Adding smart technology to a home not only creates luxury but also helps make a home more functional and comfortable.

Technology can be entertainment or security systems. Voice control that allows you to dim lights, turn on music, or turn off the television are also popular considerations.

Handcrafted Details

What sets luxury apart is its uniqueness. Those who want to live in luxury homes often want details that aren't common to see. So, it makes sense that handcrafted details are gaining popularity.

Using talented artisans to create a unique feature will create luxury and increase home value. Consider art to hang on the walls, carved wood features, and bespoke furniture pieces.

Tailored Spaces

Luxury homes are well-thought-out homes. These homes often feature tailored spaces that feel like they're made for the homeowner.

Consider creating kitchens with plenty of storage, and unique features, such as organization, appliance garages, and a place for pet bowls. These details make it feel like you've thought about the homeowners' needs before they move in.

The Future of Trends for Luxury Homes

A beautiful home is often the work of professionals who are on the cutting edge and know the future of trends for luxury homes. High-end homes tend to be at the forefront when it comes to interior and architectural design.

These five trends are the future of luxury home trends. You can expect to see many of these trends incorporated into high-end homes in Troy, Ohio, and beyond.

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